Sunday, December 25, 2011



  • Afiqah binti Saleh Huddin
Vice President
  • Siti Rokiah binti Mohamad Hadzri
  • Nurul Syamimi bt Mat Jusoh
  • Nur Syahida binti Mohamed Sujari
Islamic Care Bureau
  • Head Com: Hazwani binti Khamarudin
  • Asst Head Com: Nurul Fika Ayuni Pauzi
Training & Development Bureau
  • Head Com: Noor Wahizatul Nasrah bt Noor Rizan
  • Asst Head Com: Nurul Husna binti Padzil
Welfare Bureau
  • Head Com: Salsabila Sa’ari
  • Asst Head Com: Nabilah Hanim binti Baharom
Information & Public Relation Bureau
  • Head Com: Wan Norshakirah bt Wan Zaini
  • Asst Head Com: Syuaidah bt Husain
Sport & Recreation Bureau
  • Head Com: Husni binti Tajari
  • Asst Head Com: Nur Amalina bt Ibrahim Apandi
Entrepreneurship Bureau
  • Head Com: Nurul Huda binti Ismail
  • Asst Head Com: Zufadzliza binti Ahmad
Community Service Bureau
  • Head Com: Nur ‘Amirah binti Yusup
  • Asst Head Com: Siti Mastura bt Mohamad Zakaria


    • Nur Azam bin Md Yusof (0193655249)
    • Wan Mohd Nurmisuari bin Wan Abdullah Sani (0136280219)
    • Mohd Irzan bin Sumarli (0176153014)
    • Fauhatuz Zah Roh binti Shaik Abdullah (0134053861)
    • Nurhakimi bin Mat@Ahmad
    • Khairi Anuar bin Johari (0135943574)
    • Mohamad Faris bin Deli (0135965601)
    • Ainaa Nadiah binti Abdul Rahaman (0133465534)
    • Mohamad Darwish bin Abd Aziz (0145107149)
    • Nur Afiqah binti Ibrahim Mohd Yunos (0132911691)
    • Ahmad Akif bin Ibrahim (0135995501)
    • Mohamad Hasbul Hadi bin Majid (0193686775)
    • Mohd Roshidi bin Ahmad (0173700494)
    • Mohd Farid bin Zulkiffli (0133205540)
    • Fadzli bin Shafiee (0135989417)
    • Muhammad Asyraf bin Abd Latip (0193693488)
    • Wan Dzulkarnain
    • Mohd Faris bin Mohd Zain (0133555196)
    • Muhammad Shakif 

    Wish the new line up much success in the coming year.Your contributions, ideas and thoughts, are very important in a manner that would best benefit the community in general and mahallah residents in particular. 

    All the best!

      Friday, December 23, 2011

      Logo Design from participants of Mahallah Tabari’s Logo Design Competition

      The Winner will be determined by Mahallah Tabari Administration by next week ^_^

      MTRC Annual General Meeting

      بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

      In the name of Allah
      the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

      Get to know what our organization has done during this year, and see the new lineup for 
      Mahallah Talhah Representative Committee 
      Mahallah Tabari Representative Committee..!

      Monday, December 19, 2011

      Official Handing Over of IIUM Kuantan Mosque

       بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

      In the name of Allah
      the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful
      Today was indeed a beautiful one, with the official ceremony of handing IIUM Kuantan Mosque taking place at the mosque itself.

      The ceremony was attended from various parties, namely representatives from the contractor's company, JKR as well as administration officers of IIUM Kuantan.

      Present were also VVIPs from all the parties mentioned, including our beloved Kuantan Campus Director Prof. Dato Dr Kamaruzzaman Wan Su.

      The peak of the ceremony was the symbolic handling of the key to the mosque, first from the contractor's company to JKR, then from JKR to IIUM Kuantan, received by Prof. Dato Dr Kamaruzzaman Wan Su at around 12.30pm.

      With that, the IIUM Mosque is now open to the public including the awaiting IIUM students of Kuantan campus.

      May Allah bless all the parties involved in making this project a successful one, the contractor, the workers etc.

      And last but not least, let us thank Allah Taala for making this project a reality. Alhamdulillahi rabbil `alamin.

      In pictures: 

      Representative of JKR Malaysia

      Prof Dato' Dr. Kamaruzzaman Wan Su

      Friday, December 9, 2011

      Mahallah Tabari's Logo Design Competition

      The aim of the Mahallat Tabari’s Logo Design Competition is to establish a visual identity for the official use of new Mahallat Tabari Office and Mahallat Tabari Representative Committee (MRC).

      The proposed logo should be original and the result of the personal creative work of the student(s).

      The winning logo will become the sole property of the Mahallat Tabari International Islamic University Malaysia, Kuantan Campus.

      There will be prize for the winner.

      Deadline for receiving entries: Friday, 16 December 2011.

      Entries should be submitted: in a closed envelope to Committee In-Charge


      �� The logo can be composed of several elements, including but not limited to an icon symbolising the IIUM only

      �� The logo could also reflect the values of the community of Mahallah Tabari

      �� The proposed logo should be original and the result of the personal creative work of the student(s)

      �� The logo's concept should be simple, giving a clear message of the value and potential of student

      �� The logo should fit nicely into a square or circle shape.

      �� The logo must adapt well to electronic and print media, to reproduction on small surfaces, and for use in colour or in greyscale.

      �� Using your creativity, incorporate the text “Mahallah Tabari” or “محلة الطبري

      ” as part of the logo design.


      �� The logo should not be a reproduction, copy or imitation of an existing work.

      �� Competitors should guarantee that their proposed logo does not interfere with any third party’s rights or infringe any copyright.

      �� In addition to the actual logo, the participant will produce a brief explanatory text for the work proposed: the meaning of the symbols and colours.

      �� Entries should be submitted in a hard copy (A4 format) as well as the softcopy form in PNG picture format.

      �� Entries should include the design with no identifying designer marks or affiliation.

      �� Designer identification should be included with the entry but should not appear on the entry.

      �� Designer identification should include the designer’s name, e-mail address, telephone number, as well as the matric no of the designer

      �� All entries will become the property of the Mahallah Talhah Representative Committee

      �� Entries cannot be returned.


      �� An independent and representative Jury/Selection Committee shall be appointed by the Mainboard of Mahallah Talhah Representative Committee including representatives from Mahallah Tabari new Principal to evaluate the proposals in a transparent and fair manner.

      Entries will be judged according to the following criteria:

      �� Application of the requisite elements mentioned above,

      �� Creativity and originality of the proposal;

      �� The evocative nature of the work and its aesthetic value.

      �� Legibility, suitability in size and graphic field;

      �� Degree of ease in manipulation of the logo, its transposition and adaptation to the various materials and uses, whether on printed documents or electronic media, as well as for any other application, such as colour reproduction, reproduction on small surfaces, etc;

      Other details:

      �� Identification will be removed from each entry.

      Thursday, December 8, 2011

      Seminar on Dinar & Dirham

      بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

      In the name of Allah
      the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

      let's gain the knowledge of the dinar and dirham! all are kindly invited..! 

      Tuesday, December 6, 2011

      Solat Hajat Perdana

      بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

      In the name of Allah
      the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

      Salam'alaik.Insya-Allah akan diadakan majlis solat hajat perdana bersama fellow dan principal bagi memohon keselamatan & kesejahteraan bersama serta mengatasi masalah kecurian yang menjadi-jadi kini, pada 6/12/11 (hari ini) di surau mahallah at-tabari & im2 pada jam 7.15-8.15 pm (serentak). Semua dijemput hadir bagi mengimarahkan majlis. Jazakallah..=)

      Friday, December 2, 2011

      Recruitment for New Line Up of MRC Talhah & Tabari [session 2011/2012]

      بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

      In the name of Allah
      the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful