Sunday, February 27, 2011

Report on IIUM Kuantan Recreational Day 2011

On the 27th of February 2011, MRC Talhah specifically under Sports and Recreational Bureau have organized the IIUM Kuantan Explorace 2011 and Photography Competition in conjunction with IIUM Kuantan Recreational Day 2011 (IRD 2011). This successful collaboration program between Adventure and Recreational Club (ARC), MRC Talhah and MRC Maimunah have attracts large number of participants in every sub programs that been organized. These include IIUM Kuantan Explorace, IIUM’s Hill Challenge, Cooking Competition, Kayak Competition, Wau Competition and other programs. The objective of the program is mainly to cultivate the IIUM Kuantan Campus students and staff to perform riadhah and educate them that this riadhah is part of ibadah too. Since this program have got positive responses from IIUM students that comes from varies kulliyyah and mahallah, the main organizer with supported from Sport and Recreational Division IIUM Kuantan Campus hope this program will become annual program that organized by ARC and MRC in the future.

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