18th OCTOBER 2011

1) Any plans to have International Students Division (ISD) in Kuantan?
  • Admin will try to have an ISD officer in Kuantan, but for the time being, Bro. Halim is in charge of immigration issues.
  • International students’ visas are currently handled by Br. Halim (transportation dept.) Students with any visa-related matters can directly liaise with him.
  • A budget for programs has been allocated. Use same procedures as any other societies. Officer-in-charge post in Kuantan is yet to be filled.

2) Theft cases in Mahallah

  • The security division have taken several steps to overcome theft cases such as:
    • Appointment of security guards to perform rounds around all Mahallat every night.
    • Checking of rooms at ground floor level of each Mahallah and reminding students to lock the doors and windows.
    • Announcement-making regarding the safety of students and Mahallah are being made every night.
    • To paste Security Hotline sticker at each room in Mahallah. This hotline number can be used if any emergency cases occur.
    • Immediate spot check right after any theft case happens.
  • Admin will discuss to install window nets at the ground floor rooms and fence at each Mahallah block. If possible, Prof. Nik suggested window grills of each room on the ground floor to be changed. (to be monitored)
  • Students are encouraged to protect their personal belongings by locking their rooms, lockers and windows especially at night and when leaving their rooms. Security hotline will be pasted on each room’s door.
  • Report if any security officer are not doing his/her job.
  • Form a theft squad for each Mahallah.
  • Run a security campaign encouraging students to lock their doors and windows.  PIC: Aminah n Fauzan

3)  Suggestion to block the road behind Mahallah building from brothers

  • This area is forbidden for brothers. Enforcements will be made after this.
  • To paste a signage to inform that brothers are not allowed to enter the area.
  • Action will be taken if any cases reported. Call Security Hotline: 09-5716555.
  • To place potted plants at the deadly curve behind Mahallah Maimunah.
  • Bumper and mirrors: Awaiting budget from IIUM Development.

4) Can the baseline of the compound fee be reduced?

  • The Kuantan Campus Administration has no power to reduce the baseline compound fee because it has been stated by higher authority in Gombak Campus. An appeal can be made to request a reduction from the respective admin in 40 days after the compound is given.
  • According to the guideline, the compound fee is allowed to be reduced until 50% of the original fee.
  • Successfully addressed the matter to security for traffic offences and Mahallah management for Mahallah offences. Mahallat have guidelines for electrical items because the electrical power that can be occupied by the sockets are limited.

5) Explanation regarding the usage of Banquet Hall and other halls in Admin Building

  • In the University Guideline, the admin building can only be booked for university programs or events at national and international levels, regardless whether they are organized by students or staff.
  • In addition, any event should end by 5 p.m.
  • Nature of any event should be seminar or talk-based.
  • It is due to limited skilled technicians to operate the equipment and PA system.

6) Roads in front of Mahallah Maimunah, CF Sister, Mahallah Talhah and CF Brother (one way street)

  • The implementation of one way street will start on 1st Jan. 2012.
  • IIUM Development is trying to prepare the road markings (IP) for parking and also road signage.

7 )Water cooler and Reverse Osmosis water maintenance
  • Mahallah Maimunah sent a proposal to improve water cooler & RO water under their water cooler squad.
  • Food Service Department has asked other Mahallat (Tabari & Talhah) to send proposals as well for further improvement.
  • IIUM Properties is willing to repair only minor damages of water cooler & RO water.

8) PA system
  • Talhah’s office had hired a company to evaluate the PA sytem at the Mahallah. The PA system was found out to be malfunctioned.
  • Installing a new PA system requires a high cost. Deputy Rector, Prof. Nik will discuss with the principals for budget allocation.

9) Mahallah Maintenance
  • Students should fill in the report form to enable Mahallah Office forwarding any issue to IIUM Properties.
  • It usually takes one day for IIUM Properties to take action.

10) TV Room
  • In progress.
  • The venue will be the store room beside Mahallah Talhah Office. The authorities are relocating this facility.

11) Mahallah & Kulliyyah maintenance
  • Submit a written report for actions to be taken.
  • Toilet maintenance must include students’ attitude as well. They too are responsible for maintaining the university’s properties and facilities.

12) IIUM Development to cater Tabari’s problem
  • Uncovered drain holes
  • Cloth-drying areas
  • Grill for window panels

13) International food
  • Short term: All cafe operators have been asked to prepare western food.
  • Long term: Miss Hasna will conduct a survey amongst International students for suitable foods that are to be prepared.
  • International food will also be provided at the café of Kulliyyah of Science as there are many international students there.

14) Cafe renovation
  • Renovation is in progress. All old chairs are being removed to the area beneath cafes.
  • The proposal and budget have been approved. The renovation is estimated to be completed by the end of 2011.

15) Clinic is closed earlier than it should be
  • Due to unavailability of administrative officers, the clinic staffs need to attend function/meeting/seminar at times. Prior to clinic closure, clinic authority will paste a notice.

16) 24-hour clinic
  • Limited number of staff.
  • Currently, the clinic has 1 driver, 2 M.O’s, 2 staff nurses, 1 assistant pharmacist.
  • SRC needs to write a proposal for extension of consultation hours. PIC: Aminah

17) Ambulance malfunction
  • Currently, security can drive the ambulance for emergency cases if the clinic is closed.
  • Students should know the flow chart of emergency cases, e.g. call a designated fellow first.
  • There are specific criteria of cases that enable student to use the ambulance. However, the clinic has entertained all types of request to date.
  • Suggestion from Dr. Norlita: Every student must have the security hotline number. The schedule for fellows on duty should be updated monthly in the security office for reference.

18) Clinic break at 10 a.m. (recess time)
  • This rule was implemented since there was only one M.O. Recently, the clinic added another M.O.
  • Previously, the M.O. had her break and does administrative work at 10 a.m. Students should be considerate regarding this matter.
  • Suggestion: Clinic will close for break at 9 a.m. - 9.30 a.m. or at another time to allow students to come during their recess.
  • Since the clinic now has two M.O’s, this rule can be changed.
  • Clinic is trying to merge with Family Medicine Department of KOM. If it is successful, clinic will have more M.O’s to cater to students.
  • If any student arrives at almost 5 p.m. and there are many patients waiting, the student needs to be considerate and take counter medication for the time being (except for emergency cases).

19) Sports complex
  • Schedule seems biased to staff.
  • Actually there is a mistake in the schedule. It should be stated as ‘male’ instead of ‘brothers & staff’.
  • The schedule is difficult to arrange due to high demand from students and staffs. They also have to consider skill classes. The pool cannot be divided into 2 parts as there are many students who are involved in the classes.
  • Suggestion: Try to find the balance in arranging the schedule. 
  • On Sunday, the pool will be under maintenance.
  • Indoor Games Center in CF Sister should be exclusively under Mahallah Maimunah Office. It should be opened to sisters only because it is near to sister’s TV area and brothers usually come until late night.
  • Limited staff allocated under sports and recreation division.

20) Welfare cases
  • Khairat Kematian: RM1000 to be given if one parent passed away.
  • Students’ Affair Officers will have monthly meetings regarding ‘Khairat Kematian’ cases.
  • For poor & needy students, they will be given RM500 per study period.
  • The administrative officers are trying to post the ‘Welfare Fund Criteria’ at strategic boards for acknowledgement of the students and in the official website.