Thursday, January 27, 2011

Report on ISCAR 2011

From 17th to 24th of January 2011, MRC Talhah collaboration with MRC Maimunah, SRC and KBSs organized an IIUM Sports Carnival 2011 (ISCAR 2011) or formerly known as Inter-Kulliyyah Games (IKG). This program held annually to cultivate students of IIUM Kuantan Campus to actively involved in Sports activities, by doing so students not only limits their talents inside the class but also show their greatness on sports and become athletes to represent their kulliyyah. MRC Talhah and Maimunah has been gave the opportunity and responsibility to managed and organized the in-door games that includes Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess and Carrom. These indoor games were held in IIUM indoor sports complex at CF Sister (CF Maimunah) during the night starting from 8.15pm till 11.oopm throughout the week. Most of the organizing committees were also recruiting from the Mahallah residents, hence we gave them the opportunity to enhanced their talents by organizing the program at the same time produce a multi-tasking students in our beloved campus. Overall, we can say that the MRC Talhah and Maimunah has successfully collaborated in order to give all participants from each kulliyyah fairly services, and justly in managing the games. InsyaALlah this annualy program will benefits us in the future.

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