Saturday, March 12, 2011

Block Program by Talhah 11 & Talhah 14

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

In the name of Allah
the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Recently, Talhah 11 & Talhah 14 residents organized their block event for this year. The events include a lucky draw session, a barbeque and a question and answer dialogue with mahallah authorities .

During the dialogue, these are the matters that were brought up, and the responses from the authorities;

1. Compartment + desk lamp: The administration does not have enough allocation at the moment. However, the matter has been discussed with the higher level administration, maybe be realized in two years time.

2. Suggestion for a "smile and spread salam" campaign: Islamic Care Bureau has been notified.

3. Hoping to reside inside Indera Mahkota Campus again: 5000 beds will be allocated, maybe in two-three years time.

4. Cloths hanging line: A portable cloths hanging equipment will be ready soon.

5. Appeal to decrease rent: Has been done in written form (black and white) and had been submitted together in a petition/memorandum to IIUM Gombak's administration recently, during Mahallah Talhah Appreciation Night 2011 (9th March 2011).

6. Request for television and cafe at T11 & T14: Coming soon in September 2011.

7. Wi-fi: Bro Mat Nor is making a proposal. Might cost RM40 000. For more information, kindly refer to ITD.

8.Ventilation: Will write a letter regarding this matter, will put in memorandum.

9.Wrecked door knob: IIUM Properties (IP) does not have full authority / right to fix it as T11 & T14 is still under Mr Franky's supervision.

10. Save energy and air campaign: Will be held insya-Allah.

We would like to congratulate T11 & T14 residents, as well as other blocks for managing to organize programs for their blocks with the aim of fostering ukhuwah and greater understanding between your next-door neighbours.

Hopefully, T11 & T14 residents will continue to communicate with MTRC members and vice versa.

MTRC members, let us continue to serve our community and increase our momentum, with sincere intention; lillahi taala. Insya-Allah.

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