Thursday, March 17, 2011

Report on Intellectual Visit

 بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

In the name of Allah
the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Intellectual Visit 2011 is a program specialized for new line-up Mahallah Talhah Representative Committee 2010/2011 (MTRC) with the theme “Rebranding Muslim Youth, Invigorating the Spirit of Islamic Leadership”. This program was drafted and made as an induction programs for MTRC new line-up to expose them about how to facilitate local community in educational affairs and at the same time exchanging one another perspectives. Furthermore, it also can contribute to the emerging of new refreshing idea in how to conduct a program by sharing ideas with other college in other university.

This event is an alternative way for IIUM students to achieve the great mission of IIUM by implementing soft skill elements for the sake of ummah. Hobnobbing with society, guide youngsters and interact together with them would be vital for the success of the program. In fact, although this program very short from its implementation aspect, this program bring significant impact to student awareness of importance of gaining knowledge and experiences. Besides that, the main purpose of this program is to promote the knowledge and qualities that we have, together with the Islamization concept that has become an integral part of this university toward future generation.

            The objectives of the program are to guide and awaken the students about their responsibility as vicegerent on the land of Allah SWT, to enhance the awareness about the obligation of performing their responsibilities and competency as a Muslim leader and implementing the knowledge and skills gain in IIUM in preparing to job world. The journey to UPM specifically to Tun Perak College was purposely to integrate many important contacts, renew old ties, learn new solutions, and bring home fresh perspectives and new ideas for our Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC) Talhah. Second place to SK Taman Keramat was purposely to inculcate the awareness of undergraduates towards society especially to new generations at primary school. All the students are from standard 5 and standard 6. The ultimate mission for this program was to motivate the UPSR candidates as well as to nurture them the quality of holistic excellence which is imbued with Islamic moral-spiritual values in the process of learning and student life. At the same time, we had chance to help the standard 5 students who had problem in their study. This program also instilled the MRC Talhah according to the summary of the IIUM’s mission follows of these ICE (Integration, Islamization, Internationalization, and Comprehensive Excellence) towards our societies.

            At first day we had dialog session and sharing moment with Tun Perak College’s Committees, UPM depart at 4.00pm from IIUM Gombak. Along this session, we shared among each other mostly about the program in our almanac and at the same time we also share-out any resolution and retrace about any considerations of each affairs related to college. One of the most contradicts between Mahallah Talhah and Tun Perak College is about their residents. They are from difference races, religions and the female and male college also near each other. We also enjoyed with the speech from principal of Tun Perak College’s Yang Berusaha Dr. Abdul Razak Abdul Rahman who was very charming and pleased to welcome our MRC Talhah. Besides, the feedback from MRC Talhah participants was good and most of them suggest having more dialog session since that their time was really limited.

            For the second day, MRC Talhah went to SK Taman Keramat 2 to have an intellectual visit as well as a community service to primary school students. All the MRC Talhah was appointed to be facilitators for 9 students per 10 groups. The slots were very attractive and benefits to students. Among the slots is a Talk entitled “Knowing yourself” that delivered by Sis Rosliza who is one of the MRC Talhah’s fellow. Besides, we also prepared the students with two modules of group binding between students and facilitators. One of the most wonderful moments in this program was the oath ceremony by their representative. Their oath was very fresh and really pleasant. The feedbacks from students were very great. The main objectives for this program were to motivate the UPSR candidates from standard 5 and standard 6.

            The Intellectual Visit was a wonderful program that must be continued later for society purposes. Furthermore, we should have collaboration with other society in order to gain extra acculturation from other parties that benefit to us. Overall, the program had succeeded and mission accomplished.

18 February – 19 February 2011

Mahallat Representative Committee (MRC) Talhah
1.Share almanac
2.Question & answer
3.Strengthen the ukhuwwah among universities  
1.Motivational Talk "Knowing Yourself"
3.Oath Ceremony


Discussion at SK Keramat 2

LDK with SK Keramat 2 students

Oath ceremony

Prepared by,
Secretary Training & Development Bureau, MTRC.

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