Friday, March 4, 2011

Talk "Hijrah Iman" by Ustaz Khairul Ikhwan Abdullah

بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

In the name of Allah
the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

Tonight at Auditorium KOM, there will be a talk by our new brother in Islam (muallaf) 
ust Khairul Ikhwan Abdullah. 

For your information the talk's title is also the title of his book "Hijrah Iman". 

And he also frequently appears on radio. 

So, why not we spend a little time tonight at 8.15 pm and hear his story of how he got Hidayah from Allah swt...

It's not everyday we get to hear from someone who is a muslim not from birth... 
What attracted him towards Islam?  
What was the reason he finally decided to say "La ilaha illallah, muhammadur rasululullah"? 
And may we all die saying the syahadah...

Come, let's meet and celebrate our new brother in Islam, by listening to his talk tonight

4 March 2011, 8:15pm at audi KOM...

Spread the word...

"One of the things most liked by prophet Muhammad saw (sunnah) is going to talks of knowledge"  

(Sesungguhnya antara sunnah yang paling disukai Rasulullah saw ialah menghidupkan majlis ilmu)

Isn't talks of knowledge one of the heaven's gardens (on earth)? Weirdly enough are those who want so badly to enter paradise...but do not even wish to visit the gardens of paradise..?

(Bukankah majlis ilmu itu salah 1 taman-taman syurga? Sungguh aneh...bagi mereka yang berazam ingin ke syurga...tetapi tamannya pun tidak mahu dilawati?)

Come, let's take a whiff of the sweetness of its gardens...may it guide us to the real and eternal sweetness of Jannah.. 

(Mari, ambillah dulu haruman 'taman firdausi'...moga ia membawa kita kepada haruman yang kekal abadi =) )

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